Sweet Chilli

Sweet and Savoury

Our signature Sweet Chilli brings out the flavour of the bullet pepper enhanced by a burst of sweetness and a whole lot of love

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Spicy Cayenne

Rich and Aromatic

Our signature Spicy Cayenne turns up the heat with a complex profile built from depth of flavour, a medley of fresh spices and a clean bite.

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Tangy Twist

Luscious and Tropical

Our signature Tangy Twist brings the natural fruitinessof Scotch Bonnet Pepper and just enough heat to put a tropical twist into any meal.


Slow Burn

Fierce and Fiery

Our signature Slow Burn has the same great fruity base, but turns up the heat to challenge the chilli lovers for that sweet, whole mouth burn.

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Timothy Njue

Thanks for the awesome chilli...spiced up our breakfast!
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